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Protect your Family!
Write your own legal Will in complete privacy and comfort of your own home with MyWill - Will Writing Software

Malaysia's and Asia Pacific First Interview Format
Will Writing Software / Last Will and Testament Software

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INTRODUCTION - Take Care of Your Loved Ones

Writing your Will probably is one of the most important deeds you can ever do for your loved ones.

Now you can create a legally binding Will in the comfort with complete privacy of your own home, in a specially designed software to guide you step by step in a systematic interview format.

MyWill is the first user-friendly Will-writing software in Malaysia and Asia Pacific. It contains a systematic and proper procedure to guide you to write their own Wills in accordance with the requirements of Wills. All information pertaining to the writing of a Will is in this software. Anyone who is above 18 and has knowledge on how to operate the computer can use MyWill to generate a valid Will.

You may use MyWill to create valid Wills for your clients and to write your own Wills. There is no royalty payment to the Company.


  1. Compliance to generate valid Wills
  2. Fail safe system to prevent error in data entry
  3. Contains hundred of pages of educational and tutorial materials pertaining to writing a valid Wills

The benefits from using MyWill iNTERACTiVE

  1. Save money - The minimum market price for a husband and wife Wills are RM500.00 but by using MyWill iNTERACTiVE it only cost RM350.00.
  2. Complete confidential - Do not need to disclose any personal financial information to any third party.
  3. The software is simple and easy to use.
  4. Free to re-write your own Will as many time as you required for changes.


  1. Will-writing Software for Windows 98, Millennium Edition, 2000, XP.
  2. Write unlimited Wills (Now Tokenless)
  3. User friendly interface
  4. Interview format data entry.
  5. Simple wizard & step-by-step guide interface.
  6. Hints, guidelines and definitions on every screen.
  7. Use direct and simple language without difficult jargon for easy comprehension
  8. Important messages and reminder will appear through a pop-up Window.
  9. Intelligent data management.
  10. Advance print feature that enables you to:-
    1. On Screen Preview of Will
    2. Print Will clauses to a PDF file or printer
    3. List of Names of People involve in your Will
    4. List of Assets that you have


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Version Price Buy Online
MyWill iNTERACTiVE Software
- for fresh purchases
- come with one year activation period
- digital product download
- does not come with installation CD
USD 98.00
(approx. MYR 350.00)

Offline Purchases:-
Purchase Order Form
Call us at 6-03- 6203 2892, 6203 2894

Yearly Renewal licences
USD 56.00
(approx. MYR 200.00)

Offline Purchases:-
Purchase Order Form

TRY NOW - Demo Version
MyWill iNTERACTiVE installs with a 30 day trial license. Please download a copy from the download section below.

Kindly click on the Download button below to start the download process.

(File Size approx 3.0 MB)
(Ver. 1.6, Release Date 10/June/2011)

MyWill Interactive (Ver. 1.6)
This download is for both the
registered and trial version.


This program is protected by copyright law and international treaties.

Copyright & Licensing
This software is copyright. This means that after the 30 days evaluation you should only use this software if you have paid for it. One license is required for each copy that you run. i.e. If you are running this program on three machines you need to purchase three licenses.

License agreement
Interactive Solutions House, Quality Credentials Sdn Bhd, employees of Interactive Solutions House, employees of Quality Credentials Sdn bhd and Dealers of Interactive Solutions House products explicitly accept no liability for any loss or damages which may occur from using this package. This package is used entirely at your own risk.

Use of this package constitutes agreement with this license.

Please contact should you have any queries.


Run the supplied installation file. The installation will prompt you as to where you want to install MyWill.


Your questions, comments and suggestions are welcome. You can use our web contact us form or you may send your question to our technical support team by email to

MyWill products have always had a free update policy. i.e. You pay for the product once and then all the new updates and features are free.
You may download the latest program setup file from the download section.

Operating System Windows 98, Millennium Edition, XP, NT, 2000
Software Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and above
Processor Minimum Pentium III, IBM-compatible and above
Hard drive space Minimum 40MB free for installation
Memory Minimum 128MB of RAM and for Windows 2000/NT/XP 512MB RAM and above recommended
Display/Monitor SVGA monitor with 800X600 screen resolution recommended
Printer Bubble Jet / Laser printer recommended recommended for quality printout

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